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2014~2015 fall semester: Daily Chemistry (core curriculum for undergraduates at WHU)

2014~2015 fall semester: Modern Synthetic Chemistry——Synthesis Approaches of Nanomaterials (compulsory subject for postgraduates in CCMS, WHU)

2012~2015 fall semester: Frontiers and Advances in Physical Chemistry (compulsory subject for postgraduates in CCMS, WHU)

2010 fall semester: Physical Chemistry Methods in Biology (compulsory subject for postgraduates in the Center for Theoretical Biology, PKU)

2008~2010 fall semester: Introduction to Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (compulsory subject for postgraduates in Academy for Advanced Interdisciplinary Studies, PKU)

Address:College of chemistry and molecular sciences Wuhan University, North 118 & East 101/201
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