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Controllable Fabrication of 2D Materials and Their Emerging Applications

Two-dimensional (2D) materials have been one of the most extensively studied classes of materials due to the wealth of unusual physical phenomena that occur when charge and heat transport is confined to a plane. The reliable synthesis of uniform single- and few-layer 2D materials is an essential first step for characterizing the layer-dependent changes in their properties, as well as providing pathways for their integration into a multitude of applications. Our group developed the liquid metal chemical vapor deposition (LMCVD) strategy to achieve the controllable synthesis of 2D materials and their heterostructures. We also devote ourselves to the exploration of new properties in the 2D materials, such as the unique thermal bending behavior and the edge-to-edge oriented self-assembly. Furthermore, high-performance devices based on the 2D materials were also constructed by taking advantage of the particular properties of them, such as lithium ion battery, electrocatalytic or photocatalytic water splitting. We believe the research on the 2D materials is just at the best stage and will continuously bring new breakthroughs.

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